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#422#423#424#425 Episode #426 - Compete or Die
(Power and Powerlessness #3)



Sun 31 August 2008  Bonnie Faulkner, Webster Tarpley, Susan Rosenthal (reading)
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Download Hour1 Download Hour2This week we begin the show with a report filed on Aug 30th, by Ken Avidor from Minneapolis on the eve of the Republican convention, offered as exhibit one for the analysis of Susan Rosenthal in her book Power and Powerlessness, which we continue reading in the second hour. The deadly nature of capitalist rule number two, compete or die, will be the focus of our reading this week. We'll set the stage with a discussion of what economic historian Webster Tarpley calls the worst financial crisis of human history.
The report concluded with a statement from the National Lawyers Guild attorney that the actions of the protesters posed no threat, but that depends on where you stand. He noted that the protesters who had been preventively arrested where advocating for change and not the Democratic party kind, which is precisely why they were the targets of State repression. They are people with a dangerous idea, the return of human society to its ancient rules of reciprocity and equality, described in our reading last week... ideas that challenge the legitimacy of a State based on the rules of capitalism: seize the surplus and compete or die. As Susan Rosenthal pointed out in last week's reading, these are rules put in place my humans, which we can, and actually must, change.
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