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#729 - The Dynamics of Deep State Capture -- DV8 (talk) 00:33, 6 January 2016 (PST)

Happy New Year Robin !! I forgot my login details so I made another. Some while back I sent a mssg and you kindly replied.

Thanks for the work you've been doing. I am now almost finished listening to The Dynamics of Deep State Capture.

There are several people I know here that are often checking your As with most people we all cannot even come close to keep up with the deluge of too much info and furthermore the disinfo. For sure I very much appreciate your abilities and time required to suss out what is reliable info and fact.

Today I found the documentary the Four Horsemen. It is good and can only that this gets lots of notice by more of the masses.

All the Best to you for 2016 and way beyond, Dave