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I think it was the idea of the fact that the walls were largely for show that put me in mind of The Society of The Spectacle. The audio version from is however not such a good match.

The Marvin Bram is about separation, but extremely refined stuff, so it probably deserves its own episode, with something much lighter.


In one Third Paradigm episode, I read from a novel called Little Bee by Chris Cleave. It starts with a Nigerian girl in a refugee detention center wishing that she was a British pound, because a pound can fly across borders where girls will be stopped. I listened to The Wall and thought it was very interesting, but it's very academic. It would be nice to combine it with something that makes the same point in plainer language. I found a recording of Chris Cleave reading the opening passage here: It's 22 minutes, but the relevant section is only the first 5-10 minutes, making the point that there's an inverse relationship between the mobility of money and of people.

I look forward to hearing The Wall again. I think I need a few times before I totally get it.


Guantanamo From Both Sides of the Wire?

I have listened to the first part of the wall and it sounds good.

My best suggestion for some audio to go with it is this recording I did, Two Sides, One Story -- Guantanamo From Both Sides of the Wire Tour", it's not about a border but wire cages...