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Although the language is checked for FCC compliant language as usual, the subject matter is harrowing.
Listener/broadcaster discretion is advised.

#744#745#746#747 Episode #748 - The Tyranny of Enemy Images - 3
(Pedophilia As A Tool Of The Deep State)



Sat 21 October 2017  Sam Hill, Tony Gosling, Martin Summers, Johnny Rotten, 'John', Sibel Edmonds, Anonymous
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Download Hour1 Download Hour2Continuing our series on 'Enemy Images', we concentrate this time on another label used to promote fear and demonize people - the "pedo-phile" (literally "child lover"). We examine how this image may prove useful to the deep state for blackmail purposes, and reflect on the gradual exposure of pedophile rings populated by senior politicians, judges and those people whose integrity is crucial to the smooth running of modern society. Why do so many investigations appear to founder just before criminal charges are made?
We begin with a short but provocative introduction from Unwelcome Guests regular, FBI whistleblower Sibel Edmonds. She highlights the systemic nature of corruption in the US, in particular how the very mechanisms claimed to help ensure the integrity of senior officials are in fact subverted to prevent the appointment of anyone whose integrity might present a challenge to the ruling elite. This program, which some listeners might find disturbing, explores the role of enemy images in frustrating the ambitions of the vast majority of people would like this abuse stopped.

Next we hear from an a 2016 interview by Tony Gosling of child sex abuse survivor Sam Hill with commentary by Martin Summers. Summers notes that while "in theory" the state could investigate itself (since the police are on paper more or less independent of the other institutions) in practice, this doesn't seem to be the case, not least because of the role of pedophilia in the blackmailing of senior establishment figures. Next we hear a short interview of Johnny Rotten which shows that at least by 1978, Jimmy Saville had a highly questionable reputation. The BBC did not broadcast the interview, and subsequently de facto banned Rotten from further interviews.

The UK government argued that to keep people safe, it was necessary to have a register of sex offenders and to keep track of them after they had served their sentence. Our main interview is with John, a former UK detective who was assigned to try to track down such offenders. He tells how he was so effective that he was threatened to back off by a senior officer and told that he would "lose everything" if he refused to do so.

Sibel Edmonds summarizes her experience of testifying about Dennis Hastert - which she gave, under oath, several years before he was publicly revealed as a pedophile. In particular, she has disturbing news about the real purpose of background checking candidates for high office in US; she alleges that clean candidates are very unlikely to succeed (since they offer the deep state less scope for covert control through blackmail).

We conclude with a section of a video by Anonymous which looks at how the PIE (Paedophile Information Exchange) - reported to have received £70,000 of funds from the UK government<ref></ref> - facilitated the development of the VIPaedophile networks, particularly among MPs. It also focuses on the shady history of Elm Guest House, which appears to have been used by the security services for gathering useful blackmail material.
Thanks to Tony Gosling of BCFM for interview of Sam Hill, to the Newsbud for the interview of Sibel Edmonds and to Brian Gerrish's Dispatches From The Front for the interview with 'John'.
The previous episode on VIPaedophile was episode 720.
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