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#730#731#732#733 Episode #734 - The Case of The Missing Inquest
(The Implausible Death of Dr. David Kelly)



Sat 5 March 2016  Norman Baker, David Halpin, various, Tony Gosling, Martin Summers
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Download Hour1 Download Hour2Did you know that Dr. David Kelly is perhaps unique among UK citizens in that his obviously unnatural death has never been the subject of an inquest? The "inquiry" tasked with investigating it did not take testimony under oath, left many questions not unanswered but unasked (such as why there where no fingerprints on the knife!) and was headed by a hand-picked appointee of war criminal Tony Blair. A solid introduction to the case by Norman Baker MP is followed by a range of other voices that helps explain why the UK government has chosen to sidestep the circumstances of Dr. Kelly's death.
UK law used to require a corner's inquest into every unnatural death in the country. This was amended to facilitate investigations into events such as plane crashes, where a separate inquest would be unnecessary. This week we listen to 4 pieces in chronological order which examine a quite exceptional violation from Standard Operating Procedure - perhaps uniquely in recent history - after this same law was used to prevent a coroner's inquest into Dr. David Kelly's obviously unnatural death . UK Member of parliament Norman Baker was concerned enough about the fate of Dr. Kelly to step-down from the shadow cabinet for a year to spend a year researching it. The purported inquiry, "blatantly failed to get to the bottom of matters", he stated, adding that "the more I look into it the less convinced I am by the explanation and the more unanswered questions appear which ought to have been addressed properly by the Hutton inquiry or by the coroner." He does not advance theories about who might be responsible, even in light of the UK government's continued refusal to investigate. We begin with a 50 minute speech (probably from 2009) by Mr. Baker speaking on the Kelly case. This provides a somewhat dated though through introduction to the Kelly case. We continue with an interview of Dr. David Halpin following the December 2011 refusal of the UK government to re-open case, notwithstanding the evidence collected by the group of doctors he headed up. He credits Miles Goslet, whose FOIA requests establish the remarkable police failure to investigate. Our next piece is an adaption of The Death of Dr. Kelly: An Open Case, a documentary from PressTV from January 2013. This incorporates more recent evidence to conclude that the case is still open. We conclude the show with a short clip of BCfm from December 2013 in which Martin Summers alleges that David Kelly may have been party to information about an illegal multi-million pound deal which involved the disposal of apartheid South Africa's nuclear weapons.
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