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#720#721#722#723 Episode #724 - Calling a SCAD a SCAD
(State Crimes Against Democracy, Operation Gladio 1)



Sat 17 October 2015  Lance deHaven-Smith, Various
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Download Hour1 Download Hour2This week we begin an audio adaption of the best film that will ever be made on Operation Gladio, Allan Francovich's famous 1992 expose. To introduce it, a 90 minute talk from Lance deHaven-Smith on State Crimes Against Democracy (SCADs) - a term which he thinks we should start using as a prelude to prosecuting those responsible.
Our main talk this week is a 90 minute lecture by Professor Lance deHaven-Smith. His lecture is relaxed and he takes occasional questions from the audience. He begins his talk by outlining the difficulties he has had finding US publishers for his work. While peer reviewers rarely challenged its quality, US journals in particular were loathe to publish it, apologetically turning him away. He explains this by its forthrightness, and he names Chris Hedges and Noam Chomsky as two individuals who while they do not shy away from drawing attention to the misdeeds of the leaders of the US government, are nevertheless reluctant to explicitly call them crimes - never mind to face the truth of false flag attacks. Many government leaders, he says are not merely morally deficient, they are criminals and murderers - and we should face up to that.

When asked what to do about this, his answer is simple - the laws on the books provide clear guidance for what should happen in the case of 'State Crimes Against Democracy'. If the 'Western Democracies' started to living up to their own high promises of obeying the rule of law, things would be much improved. This is, admittedly, no simple matter, but he states that changing the dialog (as the Occupy movement has done) is a good first step. He introduces his term SCAD as a replacement for use of the term "conspiracy theory" - which as we have heard before, is a tool introduced by the CIA to counter opponents of the Warren Commission. He surveys a number of such events (which the commercially-controlled media might refer to as "conspiracy theories") and observes various patterns, such as the CIA's 1950's techniques for government subversion and political assassinations being applied in the USA in the 1960s.

We start a radio adaptation of Alan Francovich's 1992 Expose of Operation Gladio. This is the most ambitious radio adaptation yet attempted by the Unwelcome Guests Collective, since the vast majority of the film's 50 or so speakers are non-English speakers which we have dubbed in.
Thanks to Olivier for pointing me to this week's main piece, and to an army of volunteers for help with the adaption of Allan Francovich's Gladio.
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