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#714#715#716#717 Episode #718 - The Increasing Shallowness of The Deep State
(From Libya to Oklahoma, Bombs and more Bombs)



Sat 25 July 2015  Michael Ruppert (Reading), Jame Corbett, Nafeez Ahmed (Reading)
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Download Hour1 Download Hour2This week, material from 15 years back through to 5 days back detail continued deep state malfeasance hidden in plain sight. Did you hear the story of the CIA "bad apple" who sold a planeload of military grade C-4 explosive to Libya, together with a course in bombmaking by US Green Berets? Or how the CIA's Inspector General perjured himself to try and cover it up... only to be later granted immunity when the truth emerged? Don't try this at home! Our main piece is James Corbett's review of what has emerged in the last 20 years about the Oklahoma City bombing. We conclude with an open letter by Nafeez Ahmed to "Britain's leading violent extremist" - David Cameron. Why does he ignore the leading researchers (including many in his own government) and surround himself instead with deceitful terror "experts" who have spookily close connections to the arms industry and the deep state? I wonder...
Michael Ruppert was an LAPD drug squad investigator who famously confronted CIA Director John Deutch, denouncing the organization for dealing in crack cocaine. He was a pioneering 911 researcher who exposed a lot more besides. We read a 15 year old article of his on what he termed "the biggest CIA scandal in history" - and he's not talking about the drug dealing we looked at last week. "Arms for Libya" was the transport of 20 tonnes of C-4 (plastic explosive) to Libya, followed by the use of US Green Berets to train Gaddafi's troops in how to use it for bomb making, and no, it doesn't have it's own page on Wikipedia. As we shall hear, the CIA escaped blame at the time, though the immediate perpetrator, Edwin Wilson, was a CIA operative, by claiming that he had officially retired years ago and was no longer active. As if almost the entire US C-4 stockpile could be assembled and shipped abroad without their noticing. When the 3rd highest official in the CIA, Charles Briggs (again, no Wikipedia page) "under penalty of perjury", stated that Wilson had had nothing to do with the agency, then that was that as far as the commercially-controlled media (and the jury) were concerned: Guilty as charged. However, as Ruppert discloses, there was clear evidence that the Briggs declaration was a fabrication, which eventually leaked out. At this point Wilson's sentence was vacated -- but tellingly, the "under penalty of perjury" bit turned out to be one more government lie; all the spooks and lawyers whom documents proved had conspired for almost 20 years were quietly granted immunity, and Wilson was released but never received compensation for his perjured conviction.

From 1980's CIA dealing in guns and explosives, we advance to a 1990's terrorist bombing in USA. It's James Corbett's hour long summary of what has emerged in the 20 years since the 1995 Oklahoma city bombing, officially blamed in the end on a domestic terrorist, though exploited at the time to fuel the narrative of "fundamentalist Islamist terrorism".

We conclude with two extracts of a recent publication by long time Unwelcome Guests contributor, Nafeez Ahmed. It's an open letter to "Britain's leading violent extremist", the UK prime minister, David Cameron. Typically well referenced, he cites a collection of expert researchers into terrorism, NATO officials and the reports of Cameron's own government to expose the self-serving and vacuous nature of the "war on terror" in general and one of Cameron's recent speeches in particular. On grounds of time, I left out details of the hypocritical and contradictory statements made by the leaders of various think tanks with whom Cameron has close ties. The letter was 5 days ago, and so far, no reply from Cameron. Don't hold your breath.
Thanks to James Corbett for the material on the OKC Bombing, and to From The Wilderness for the material on Edwin Wilson.
This episode provides evidence for the US deep state/terrorism connection alluded two last episode, and exemplifies the transparently fictional nature of the War On Terror we examined in episode 714.
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