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#708#709#710#711 Episode #712 - Facing The Failing Culture Of Control - 5
(Deep State Control Freakery You May Have Missed)



Sat 2 May 2015  Russ Baker, Sander Hicks, Peter Dale Scott
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Download Hour1 Download Hour2Our series on the failure of control returns to Unwelcome Guests core topics - trying to make sense of deep events and the shady dealings of deep political insiders. Although we cover a wide range of malfeasance, all the material we cover relates more or less directly to various actions by the Deep State. We hear Sander Hicks on a range of Sep 11th related topics (many of them new to the show), followed by Russ Baker on the Boston Marathon Bombing. We conclude with a recent overview of the deep state from Peter Dale Scott and a short segment from commercially-controlled media noting that even 6 years after the event, no explanation has been forthcoming of the E4B that flew over the White House on the morning of 9/11.
We begin the show with a classic interview of Sander Hicks by Bonnie Faulkner, which begins with an analysis of BCCI. It covers a lot of ground including Michael Chertoff, the highly suspicious death of Vince Foster, Daniel Hopsicker's investigations of Amanda Keller and other topics relating to 9/11 and the deep state. Although originally from 2005, it contains a lot of material new to the show and relevant to understanding the deep events now being played out.

Next we hear an interview from Traces of Reality Radio, an exciting new podcast to the show, hosted by Guillermo Jimenez. He interviews Russ Baker speaking in 2014 and discussion centers around the Boston Marathon Bombing. If this was indeed, the work of a couple of 'lone nuts' as the government would have us believe, how can we make sense of Baker's reports that those who knew the accused have been harassed, deported and otherwise threatened or cajoled (or in one case, killed in highly irregular circumstances during an FBI interrogation) in what appears to be a concerted campaign of silencing character witnesses.

We conclude with a 25 minute introduction by Peter Dale Scott to his latest book: "The American Deep State, Wall Street, Big Oil & The Attack on US Democracy". This touches on the Deep State takeover of the USA since 2001, and is fairly familiar material to regular Unwelcome Guests listeners, though as it is from November 9, 2014 it includes some new material. We augment it with a few short clips of the CNN report which admits that there was an E4B flying in restricted airspace over the White House on the morning of September 11th, 2001 - something which was not mentioned in the 9/11 Commission Report, and about which no US government body has ever provided any official explanation.
Thanks to Bonnie Faulkner whose Guns and Butter provided us with the interview of Sander Hicks, to Guillermo Jimenez for the Traces of Reality Radio interview of Russ Baker and to Maria Gilardin who recorded Peter Dale Scott and included the segment on TUC Radio episode of January this year. For the ensuing lively Q & A session, see the next episode of TUC radio here.
Episode 719 is a full length (2 hour) interview of Peter Dale Scott on his new book..
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