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#691#692#693#694 Episode #695 - Lifting The Veil of On-The-Books Funding
(Deep State Media Silence about Drugs for Guns)



Sat 6 September 2014  Emile De Antonio, Craig Unger, Dick Russell, Peter Dale Scott
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Download Hour1 Download Hour2Two speakers help us examine the off-the-books funding which has routinely funded CIA operations since its inception. We begin with a recording by Emile De Antonio from the classic show of US dissident thought Alternative Views, centered on George H W Bush, but which reviews the history of state assisted drug trafficking and encompasses a bunch of other key deep state operatives. Next it is journalist Craig Unger on his response to Sep 11th, and we conclude with Peter Dale Scott on the early history of the CIA and its related TLAs. He opines that the seized Nazi assets formed the base of a black budget which has always been available for funding off-the-books deep state operations.
We begin with Emile De Antonio's assessment of George H. W. Bush. He praises his 'toughness' and gives a background which is quite congruent with Mark Gorton's analysis. The conversation turns to large scale drug running and the off the books funding of covert operations. He does not use the term 'deep state' (the interview is from 1989!) but it is quite remarkable what De Antonio knew about Bush's past even back then.

To better understand how such large operations fail to make waves, we hear a 15 section from a panel discussion on the failure of the commercially controlled media to report, from the March 2011 Reinvestigate Building 7 conference. First we hear Craig Unger on how his reporting of the October Surprise conspiracy was initially picked up by big media, only to be suddenly dropped, how disinformation was circulated and he was the subject of at least 6 efforts to discredit him. He reports widespread disinterest in his book, "House of Bush, House of Saud". Then Dick Russell reports a similar story on sudden media suppression of the JFK assassination and a decision to back the Warren Commission's findings straight down the line.

Our second main piece is a Peter Dale Scott interview from a March 2014 episode of Bonnie Faulkner's Guns and Butter. He reveals more deep background of the CIA, and explains that the post WW2 captured funds worked as seed money to make sure that even before there was a CIA, there was a black budget available for off-the-books operations. He names a lot of names and gives some very helpful pointers for those seeking to document the history of the deep state, such as the editors of Wikispooks (which was busier than ever last week).
Thanks to Bonnie Faulkner for the Peter Dale Scott interview.
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