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#681#682#683#684 Episode #685 - The US Deep State, 1963-1981
(The Coup of '63, The Cabal, Watergate, Ford, Carter)



This is a choice episode Sat 19 April 2014  Mark Gorton (reading), Peter Dale Scott, Webster Tarpley
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Download Hour1 Download Hour2This week, I read the first half of one of the most remarkable essays I have ever come across on the subject of Deep Politics. In our first hour, we read Mark Gorton's compelling Fifty Years of the Deep State which traces a secret thread from the assassination of JFK, through the assassinations of RFK & MLK to Watergate, Ford, Carter and up to the Iran hostages affair. Our first hour concludes with Peter Dale Scott speaking on the US "overworld". In our second hour, a deconstruction of the Ford presidency and the Watergate coup from the inimitable Webster Tarpley.
To begin the show, I read from a remarkable essay by millionaire financial trader turned deep political researcher, Mark Gorton. An unusual pedigree for an Unwelcome Guests speaker, and this is no ordinary episode. I would compare it with episode 87, one that really joined the dots for me personally and probably my favorite of all the episodes made by Lyn Gerry. I hope that this will do for US politics what our last episode set out to achieve for WW1 and WW2 - provide you with a fresh perspective, simple yet profound, to cut through the carefully crafted veneers of falsehood and expose the very heart of the matter.

Gorton begins his analysis with a look at the assassination of John F. Kennedy, referred to throughout his essay as the "Coup of '63". The treason of the plotters, he notes, did not stop with that single crime and its immediate cover-up by the Warren commission. RFK was aiming to become president and expose the truth, so the plotters' mutual interest bound them to one another and lead not just to the RFK assassination but to innumerable subsequent murders of those who threatened to expose the truth. Fear of exposure, explains Gorton, "quickened" the original cabal, galvanizing them into a potent political force which would come to dominate US politics. Gorton charges that the since their assassination of JFK, the cabal has:

  • developed hit squads to remove unwanted witnesses
  • cemented editorial control over the US commercial media
  • occupied the US Presidency almost unbroken since 1963 (the exceptions being Carter and Nixon)
  • more or less subverted all the sensitive parts of the US Government through strategic appointments of corrupt or controllable officials
  • planted the meme of "Conspiracy Theorists" as kooks though its CIA media assets (as we heard in episode 561)
  • carried out large numbers of conspiracies, including False Flag acts of terror.

Although weak on references, Gorton's essay tallies very closely with other serious researchers into deep politics, and its narrative structure is first rate, as was his judgment in deciding which details to include. After reading Gorton's essay up to the point at which Ronald Reagan becomes US president, we switch to a short section of Peter Dale Scott speaking in 2013 about the US "overworld", including what the origins of the CIA and the Safari Club can tell us about their role in subservience to higher oligarchical interests.

In our second hour, we hear a 2007 interview by Webster Tarpley on "The Ford Presidency", which deconstructs Watergate and comes to concurring conclusions about its actually constituting a coup d'etat - a two stage process to wrest control of the presidency from Nixon. First, replace the vice president, next remove the president.
Thanks to Guns And Butter for the interview with Webster Tarpley.
Robin says about Mark Gorton's essay what Lyn Gerry said about episode 87:

"I think that this is the most important, provocative, and difficult material that we yet have presented on this program in the 14 years of its existence."
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