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#672#673#674#675 Episode #676 - More of What We're Not Being Told
(Plutopia, Kett's Rebellion, The Bullingdon Club...)



Sat 14 December 2013  Kate Brown, Tony Gosling
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Download Hour1 Download Hour2Did you know that both Russia and USA have ongoing radioactive disaster sites which have each released four times more radiation into the environment than Chernobyl? In our first hour, a history lesson on the sacrifices made by both super powers in the race to create plutonium. In our second hour Tony Gosling draws on several centuries of hidden history to paint an even larger picture of massive abuses of power by those who wield it in secret.
This week, another dip into the bag of important truths that the centralising institutions such as mass schooling and commercially-controlled media have done their best to sweep under the carpet. Professor Kate Brown opens our first hour, speaking for the first time on the show. She spoke on 22nd of July, 2013 at Seattle Town Hall. Her book Plutopia: Nuclear Families, Atomic Cities, and the Great Soviet and American Plutonium Disasters, 6 years in the writing, reveals some remarkable parallels between the Russian and American efforts to create the plutonium needed by their nuclear bombs. Following on in some ways from Antony Sutton's revelations last episode about the transfer of technology and funds from the US to the USSR, Brown traces some remarkable parallels in the history of both superpowers- from the use of forced labor, prison camps, secrecy oaths and spying to the clandestine research into the health effects of radiation poisoning, cover ups, sacrifice of the surrounding population and fraudulent claims that the radiation posed no threat to human health.

In our second hour, we hear Tony Gosling at the "Awakened State" conference in Edinburgh, on 13th October 2012. His talk contains some key snatches of hidden history of the last several centuries, but does not get into details, keeping the focus consistently on theme of how power is abused, especially by those who wield it in secret. This is no mere history lesson - he makes numerous parallels to clarify its relevance to the present day. He gives an overview of some secret societies such as the Knight's Templar and the Order of the Garter and asks what significance do they have today? The Order of the Garter, founded in 1348, is still in existence and contains such figures as Peter Carrington, former Secretary General of NATO, chair of the Bilderberg and president of the Pilgrims Society? Are they, as the commercially-controlled media would have us believe, mere historical legacies, or do they continue as powerful institutions? Describing the broader enclosure movement, he notes how ill informed people are about Kett's rebellion, started by a rich landowner who felt a duty to keep the promises he made to his tenants and who therefore refused to enclose his land (and so render it liable for taxation by central government).

Gosling notes that financial chicanery aside, rent for a 6 bedroom house should be approximately £1/week, considering the cost of the materials and labor needed to make it, and the fact that it should last for about 200 years. Extraordinary? Well it certainly reveals how modern expectations of what is usual and natural have been shaped by those in positions of power - such as bankers and land grabbers. Of course, such abuses continue to the modern day; the Bullingdon Club, in some ways a UK equivalent to the US Skull and Bones society mentioned last week by Sutton, started a couple of hundred years back, continues to affect cronyism in UK in ways that are hard to estimate. Its members include David Cameron (UK Prime Minister), George Osborne (UK Chancellor of the Exchequer) and Boris Johnson (Mayor of London) as well as royals, financiers, businessmen and media figures.
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