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#671#672#673#674 Episode #675 - What We're Not Being Told
(BIS, CFR, TLC, Scientific Truth)



Sat 30 November 2013 

Includes::Ellen BrownIncludes::Anthony Sutton and Includes::Chris Busby

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Download Hour1 Download Hour2We continue our focus on the vast machine, looking this time not at the lies it tells but truths it leaves unspoken. First we hear Ellen Brown suggesting a BIS-Syria connection. Next for the first time on the show we hear professor and historian Antony Sutton, who has a lot to say about the murky links between US big busine$$ and the development both of USSR and of Nazi Germany. We conclude with Chris Busby on scientific dishonesty in the area of radiation risk.
Our first piece is from banking reformer, Ellen Brown. She talks about a Greg Palast article, "Wallstreets' Secret Economic Endgame, Making The World Safe For Banksters, Syria in The Crosshairs" the BIS and suggests a new angle on the disclosure from Wesley Clark that we heard in episode 673 - the Pentagon's plans to overthrow the governments of Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Iran. Could they in fact be influenced by their independent banks systems as much as by the strategic importance in the peak oil perspective?

Next we hear a vintage interview of Anthony Sutton on some of what we have not been told. Since it was from 1980, none of it pertains to recent politics, but his remarks on the clandestine funding of both Hitler's Nazi party and the Soviet Government by Wall Street businessmen (and by 'Bonesmen' in particular) unveil a startling clandestine web of events which most establishment historians could not even begin to imagine.

We conclude with a speech by Chris Busby speaking at the Royal Society on scientific dishonesty. He notes that, unlike lying in court, there is no formal mechanism to punish lying by scientists. He recounts a bevvy of different lies from scientists who have opposed him, from 'losing' or falsifying data to referencing non-existent studies -- and how only token sanctions were taken against those who lied to try to bolster the establishment's claim that ionizing radiation hold little danger for members of the public.
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