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#585#586#587#588 Episode #589 - Mad, Bad or Dangerously Frank
(Susan Lindauer and Ian Henshall on 9-11)



Sat 4 February 2012  Susan Lindauer, Ian Henshall, David Graeber (reading)
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Download Hour1 Download Hour2The show this week features the second non-Arab American to be indicted under the Patriot Act, CIA insider Susan Lindauer. Is she really, as two US judges decided, mentally unfit to stand trial? Is this related to her being locked up and threatened with indefinite detention without trial? Her perspective in the run up to Sep 11th is a new one to this show, though in implicating the Cheney/Rumsfeld clique, is fairly compatible with other voices that we have heard on the show, and with our second guest, journalist and author, Ian Henshall.
We start the show this week with a 90 minute recording by author Susan Lindauer in which she tells of her experience as a CIA backchannel for Libya and Iraq, focusing on the events leading up to Sep 11th. Her perspective on Sep 11th is quite different to previous speakers, and she touches on a variety of material including her CIA handler's pocketing of a $13,000,0000 payoff and the explicit threat in the run up to 9/11 from the highest levels of US government to the Iraqi regime that a war would be forthcoming if there was an attack on USA and it subsequently emerged that Iraq had withheld information about it. The session concludes with a Q & A section, in which she tells of how she was treated by the US regime, including internment with trial (or even charge) for a year, how Amy Goodman refused to go near her story and of the considerable efforts by her friends and relatives to ensure that due process was followed.

Our second guest this week is Ian Henshall, who spoke at the 2011 recording of Reinvetigate911's UK conference on SCADs (State Crimes Against Democracy). He tells of the increasing tensions between the FBI and CIA in the run up to 9/11, and how the CIA were 'entirely sussed' on Osama Bin Laden, including bugging the 9/11 planning meeting in Malaysia. He paints a picture of a CIA who were working hard to obstruct the FBI's pursuit of the conspirators, but who after the event spent 5 years pinning the blame on FBI incompetence before promulgating the 'Israel did it' verdict using websites to throw conspiracy theorists off the scent.

We conclude the show with another short installment of Chapter 7 of David Graeber's Debt, The First 5000 Years.
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