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#571#572#573#574 Episode #575 - From Oily Sands to Greasy Palms
(Canada Pushing Tar Sands on Europe, CETA, TILMA, SPP)



Sat 29 October 2011  Maude Barlow, Martin Lucas, Peter Julian, Paul Manly
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Download Hour1 Download Hour2Focussing on Canada's Tar Sands this week, we examine the murky reality of 'free trade', and interference by the Canadian Government in the European Climate Change legislation. Who makes and enforces these agreements, and who benefits? We look at how the SPP is being revamped for re-introduction after concerted efforts to kill it by citizens' action groups.
This week we look at some of the disturbing bigger pictures of 'free trade' which are never reported by commercially controlled media. We with a 15 minute speech by Maude Barlow on CETA and TILMA, replacements for the SPP, which was abandoned in the face of massive opposition.

Then we hear from Martin Lucas on his research into how the Canadian government is lobbying the European Union to undermine their plans for legislative controls to prevent climate change. To sell the tar sands,

Then we hear a section of an interview of Peter Julian by Maggie Hughes on the myths and realities of trade agreements signed by Canada, in which he notes that after signing the free trade deals, Canadian exports have consistently declined.

Our last piece is a couple of cuts of Pual Manly's film, You Me, and The SPP. This is famous for including the video clip the author took of three black clad demonstraters with rocks whose efforts to incite violence from a peaceful protest were so clumsy that the police department eventually had to admit that they were plain clothes police officers acting as agents provocateurs. If you haven't seen this clip at least, it is highly recommended, and could prove a conversation starter with others.

We conclude the show with the case of Michael Schmidt, an Ontario farmer who for the last month has been on a hunger strike, demanding a discussion with Ontario premier on the legal proceedings being brought against him for consuming milk from his own cow.
Thanks to Guns and Butter for the cuts of You, Me and The SPP.
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