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#529#530#531#532 Episode #533 - The False Flag Formula
(9-99, 7-7, Iraq and Other Fake Bomb Plots)



Sat 8 January 2011  James Corbett, Annie Machon, Tony Gosling, Kenneth Dowst, Martin Summers, Peter Power
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Download Hour1 Download Hour2This week we hear a range of voices on False Flag terror attacks by national 'security forces'. After an introduction by James Corbett, an insider's account from 2007 by Annie Machon of why she and David Shayler quit MI5. Next we look at the '9-99' apartment bombings in September 1999 by the Russian FSB, whose director, Putin, was swept to power, and which served as a pretext to attack Chechnya. After reports from Iraq of false flag terror attacks by the occupying forces, sections on the 2009 'underwear bomber' and the '7-7' London bombings of July 7th, 2005.
Our first hour starts with the audio track of James Corbett's talking head video from 2010, When False Flags Don't Fly. He introduces the false flag operations and makes the point that they only ever serve the interests of the cynical few who carry them out, not the mass of humanity. He continues by mentioning a bunch of them, pointing out a bunch of glaring inconsistencies in the historical record, and opining that people do seem to be waking up to what is going on.

We then hear from ex-MI5 officer, Annie Machon, speaking in London, 2007. She gives some insight into the working of the national security services by telling of her experience and that of her partner, David Shayler. She explains how false flags work, citing various examples from her personal experience such as Mossad's 1994 bombing of the Israeli embassy in London and MI6's funding of an attack on Gadaffi by Libyan terrorists.

Our second hour starts with a short section of the film The Putin System on the Russian apartment bombings of September 1999. These were blamed on Chechens, and used as the pretext for the second Russian war on Chechnya, a theory which was supported at the time by a lot of Russians, at least until the circumstances of the Ryazan incident began to emerge. In Ryazan, 3 FSB agents were arrested after being seen planting a bomb in a bottom floor flat of an apartment building, but were released on orders from Moscow. Moscow FSB claimed that it was a 'training exercise', but provided no supporting evidence, and the claim was vigorously denied by the local FSB. After some dissent on the point was murderously stifled, the Russian duma has declared its complicity by declaring what happened at Ryazan a state secret and forbidding any further investigation into what actually happened. We review the available evidence, including a bizarre foreshadowing of the WTC7 collapse announcement - the announcement in the Russian parliament on the 13th September that a building had been blown up in Volgodonsk, something that only happened 3 days later.

We then hear from an Iraqi bus passenger how after passing through a checkpoint he discovered that occupying forces had planted a bomb under one of the seats. The widespread belief in Iraq that occupying forces are planting bombs on civilians in order to frame them as suicide bombers was given greater currency after two UK soldiers were caught dressed as Iraqis, shooting the local population and police forces. We note how sympathetically the BBC reported this incident, and the follow up in which they were 'heroically rescued' by British forces who drove a tank through the wall of an Iraqi jail to do.

Next is a section from New World Notes on the Christmas 2009 terrorist scare story, the 'Underwear Bomber', a Nigerian who boarded a plane to Amsterdam, thence to Detroit, all without a passport, but with the help of a mysterious Indian looking gentleman who has never been identified. While this effort failed to kill anyone, it preceded a re-approval of anti-terrorism legislation and has been used to justify a huge increase in anti-terror expenditures, such as the purchasing of body scanners.

Our last section looks at the London bombings of July 7th, 2005, attributed to a team of 4 Moslem suicide bombers. We hear a couple of short sections of an hour long BCFM investigation with Tony Gosling and Martin Summers. We conclude with 2 recordings from that day by Peter Power, an ex-Scotland Yard insider who manages a 1000 employee terror consultancy company. Echoing the various exercises of September 11th, he notes that his company was involved in carrying out an anti-terror exercise involving precisely the same stations as the actual bombs that morning.
Thanks to the London Sound Posse for recording the Annie Machon talk, and to Kenneth Dowst for suggesting it.
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