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#476#477#478#479 Episode #480 - The Power of Stories
(9/11, Genocide and Ascent of Humanity #20)



Mon 14 September 2009  Charles Eisenstein (reading), Michael Wolsey, Sibel Edmonds
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Download Hour1 Download Hour2This week we question the stories which underlie common reality, such as that surrounding Sep 11th.
This week in our continuing reading from the ascent of humanity by Charles Eisenstein, he will address the power that the stories we tell have over us. He is speaking quite literally and this sounds strange because we are all raised on sayings like sticks and stones .... Language however is the seminal human technology that had made all the rest of what we call civilization possible. The reading will set the stage for some other material that graphically demonstrates the way that stories set battlefields in the struggle for power. Nothing demonstrates this so clearly as the question of the story of the events of Sep 11th. As is obvious when we think about it, the story of the purpose of the attacks of that day and who perpetrated them has had life changing consequences on the whole world.
Quotes-66.gifIf I have been vague about what this will actually look like in the future, it is probably because the society that may be built around storyteller consciousness centuries hence is so unlike what we have today that I hardly dare describe it on paper. Instead of the present demarcation between drama and real life, future society will consist of stories within stories within stories, plays within plays within plays without any sense that one is "for real" and one is not. Life will be all play, and all play will be in earnest. We might commit to some of these stories as deeply as a human being can commit to anything, as passionately as the greatest artist cares about his greatest masterpiece. Each life will be a masterpiece, and some of our collective projects will span generations and alter the fabric of (what we call) reality. This will be the eventual fulfillment of the Age of Reunion, when we come into full, conscious co-creative partnership with the universe itself. In the meantime, in the next century or so, great storytellers will emerge to inspire us with beautiful and believable stories of what life can be, visions of the world we can create. Those stories will have roles for each of us that draw upon our gifts and develop our potential. It is happening already. Have you heard the casting call? A beautiful life is being offered, if we can only find the courage. Quotes-99.gif

Charles Eisenstein, Ascent of Humanity

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