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#451#452#453#454 Episode #455 - The Market is Naked (1)
(The Right to Eat and Be Visible)



Sun 22 March 2009  Vandana Shiva, Marilyn Waring
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Download Hour1 Download Hour2The program this week I mean to be part of series to confront the question what is an economy for? Who is our economic system for? Should it be saved or is it fundamentally misguided in that it discounts or destroys the things that matter, and elevates and values the shallow, the cruel and the repugnant.
The discourse surrounding the economy, even by those who mean well, often takes for granted certain criteria that are not defined or questioned. For example, we hear, in mainstream discussion of concepts like efficiency and productivity without the speakers adding the important question - from whose perspective is something efficient and productive? Productive of what? Banality? Ugly buildings? Mind numbing employment? A poisoned environment? Ignorance? Poorly made junk? Desperation and fear? Disrespect and contempt? Pettiness and confusion? Lies and propaganda? Why are there millions of homeless people when there are millions of empty homes? In what way is such a system efficient? Why should any human being have to ask permission of another human being to go to the bathroom?
Thanks to Global Voices for Justice, TUC Radio and Mallachy Tallack
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