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#365#366#367#368 Episode #369 - Vectors of Illusion
(How Social Consensus is Managed and for Whom)



Sun 29 July 2007  Michael Parenti, John Pilger, John Taylor Gatto (reading)
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Download Hour1 Download Hour2The schools and the "respectable" media are part of a system of propaganda used to obscure the vastly unequal benefit delivered by the "social contract" and to prevent those with the raw end of deal from realizing their numbers and potential.
We start with the voice of Michael Parenti on a strategy the Romans considered to control slaves. We then hear a news report about the suspicious circumstances of Pat Tilman's murder.

John Pilger speaks on his latest book, Freedom Next Time on how propaganda and the press are used to create an invisible government. His book, he explains, is designed as an antidote to journalism, unmasking the lies of the corporate media.

In the second hour, we hear a 15 minute clip from another Michael Parenti speech, on one of the core myths of global capitalism, the inevitability and natural nature of globalised trade. This introduces our final section in which we read more of The Underground History of American Education, which describes how US history textbooks were deliberately re-written to introduce core myths such as the conflation of democracy with freedom and capitalism.
Music: David Rovics
Thanks to Matrix fm for the John Pilger recording
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