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#324#325#326#327 Episode #328 - Indigenous Rights, Melting Ice and Our Common Future
(Wisdom from an Onondaga Faith-keeper and a Zapotec Psychologist)



Sat 17 June 2006  Oren Lyons, Edita Alavez Ruiz
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Download Hour1 Download Hour2After 500 years of immiseration, the remnants of America's indigenous people are rising in our time, demanding that old promises be kept, and offering ancient wisdom to salvage our common future - this week we'll hear from two people who stand in both worlds - Oren Lyons. Onondaga faith-keeper, scholar and internationally known humans rights activist of central New York and Edita Alavez Ruiz, a Zapotec psychologist from the state of Oaxaca Mexico.
In 1492, in the process of seeking a shortcut to India, Christopher Columbus encountered a continent which was not on his maps - an abundant land inhabited by tens of millions of hospitable people with unsophisticated weapons. In order to legalize the plundering of the lands of their indigenous hosts, the Pope proclaimed the Doctrine of Discovery, a law that said that only Christians could hold title to lands, and this lands inhabited by non-Christians were available for taking. It is well to remember that most of human history's large scale atrocities have been done legally, in other words the perpetrators announced their actions legal under their own laws. The cultural descendants of these treacherous guests propelled forward by the same greed, arrogance, and short term thinking have created a way of life that is destroying our planetary life support systems.
Thanks to Stephen Bartlett
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