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#288#289#290#291 Episode #292 - The Moral Imperative of Regime Change
(A forum on the Impeachment of the Bush Administration)



Sat 4 February 2006  Kevin Zeese, Marcus Raskin, Ann Wright, Ramsey Clark, David Swanson, Cindy Sheehan
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Download Hour1 Download Hour2This week on the program, a forum held last week in Washington DC on the impeachment of the Bush administration. You will hear a discussion that should have been, but was not, taking place on the floor of Congress. A forum that should have been aired on every major media outlet, but was not. The moderator was lawyer Kevin Zeese, an independent candidate for senate and a lead activist with the DC-based peace group Democracy Rising, which he founded with Ralph Nader and Virginia Rodino. Panelists were Marcus Raskin of the Institute for Policy Studies, former US diplomat Ann Wright, former US attorney general Ramsey Clark, David Swanson of, and Cindy Sheehan of gold star families for peace.
In addition to the legalistic issues that you will hear raised by panelists and questioners, the most important part of this in my view for citizens such as ourselves is the moral imperative raised by panelists- we have an obligation to stop a government and power structure which is making on war on the world for the purpose of looting it. Ironically, it was USA's entry into WW2 that that tipped the balance against Hitler and liberated the concentration camps. In this present situation, we can expect no rescue from outside, and we are, as a people, complicit with the crimes of our government if we do not stop them, whether or not we are personally suffering from this regime. I mention this because many people in Germany lived quite normally, and even saw improvements in their personal situation under fascism, Such people, even if they were bakers or plumbers, were deemed, in the discourse of the war crimes trials and principles laid down at Nuremburg, to have failed in their obligation to oppose the conduct of their government.
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