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#249#250#251#252 Episode #253 - 9/11 and the Global Domination Project
(The Case and Motives for Government Complicity)



Sun 8 May 2005  David Ray Griffin, Ray McGovern (reading)
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Download Hour1 Download Hour2This week we hear a presentation from David Ray Griffin speaking on "9-11 and the American Empire" to the Muslim Jewish Christian alliance. This is historic in than it was the first from to be covered in commercial newspapers, and was later broadcast on television by C-span.
Were the 9/11 attacks really a surprise? Or where they allowed to happen, or made to happen by the forces which claim to be protecting. Surely the US Pentagon is the best defended building on the planet, how could it have been struck by a commercial jet airliner? Do they not have radar? Are they not next to three squadrons of fighter jets? Are they not ringed by anti-missile batteries programmed to destroy any non-military aircraft which enters its airspace? Why was procedure not followed? Why has the absurd official story been allowed to be pass without scrutiny? Behind the deception of 9/11 lurks the real role of US in the world. Is it fear of facing the ugly truth which prevents so many people from seeing what is plainly true? Following his presentation, he takes questions from the audience. We conclude the show by reading "Proof Bush Fixed the Facts", an article by Ray McGovern, a founder of VIPS (Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity).
Music: Ethan Miller, David Rovics
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