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#205#206#207#208 Episode #209 - The Coming of the Post-Carbon Age
(Cornucopianism, Resources Wars and the Low-Energy Future)



Thu 24 June 2004  Richard Heinberg, Julian Darley, Michael Klare
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Download Hour1 Download Hour2What is peak oil? What does it mean? What does it have to do with endless war? How will it bring about the end of capitalism? Can industrial society survive or is the "party" over?
We start the first hour with an interview of Richard Heinberg by British environmentalist, Julian Darley recorded just before the invasion of Iraq. He speaks by explaining peak oil, and why large organisations such as USGS are hiding from this fact. He retells the phenomenon of economic growth and economic bubbles alongside the transition from oil growth to oil decline, predicting a coming economic crash. Speaking about Iraq, he remarks that in the 21st century, the phenomenon of resource wars will be an increasingly understood to be driving the foreign policy of militaristic nations such as USA. We conclude the show with a 25 minute speech from Michael Klare, speaking shortly after the invasion of Iraq, in Athens, Ohio, at the Ohio University Baker Conference on Energy Consumption and the Environment. He speaks on the Bush Administration's energy policy and its foreignpolicy and security policy consequences. Why, against a reality of falling oil supplies, does the Cheney energy plan aim to increase the US's dependency on foreign oil? He notes that behind a thin veneer, the war on terrorism is intimately connected to oil, and denounces resource wars as immoral and self-destructive.
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