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#194#195#196#197 Episode #198 - Know Where You Stand and Stand There!
(The St. Patrick's Day Four and Civil Resistance)



Sat 20 December 2003  Peter De Mott, Daniel Burns, Clare Grady, Theresa Grady, Leuren Moret, Karen Parker, Jeff Schmidt (reading)
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Download Hour1 Download Hour2This week we hear the voices of the activists, speakers on international law, documenting the criminality of the war on Iraq, the choice that citizens must make between law and conscience and the duty of citizens to engage in civil resistance. We conclude the program by reading the second half of chapter 15 of Disciplined Minds, one of the most practically applicable ones in the book, Surviving Professional Training With Your Values Intact.
Next Tuesday, April 6, the trial of 4 peace activists from the Ithaca Catholic Worker community will begin at the Tompkins County Courthouse on Tioga Street at 9 am. The activists, known as the Saint Patrick's Day Four are facing felony charges which carry a maximum four year sentence. On March 27th, the defendants learned that their chance to defend themselves has been curtailed. Judge M. John Sherman ruled in a written decision that the four will be limited in their assertion of the defenses of necessity and international law. In his ruling, Judge Sherman prohibited any expert witnesses or documentary evidence relating to necessity or international law, but said that the defendants could speak to these matters in their personal testimony. He found that there was "no applicability of (international law) in the present case" and that "the proffered proof does not demonstrate the type of true emergency envisioned by the (necessity) statute."
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