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#140#141#142#143 Episode #144 - Truth is Our Weapon
(Lies, Murder, Social Control and the Press)



Sat 7 December 2002  William Pepper, Peter Phillips
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Download Hour1 Download Hour2In the first hour we're going to hear a talk by William Pepper, an attorney who investigated and unearthed the real facts of the assassination of Martin Luther King. You will hear how King's organizing efforts among the poor made him any enemy of the State, how his death was ordered at high levels of government, carried out by organized crime, and covered up through the use of a fall guy and a docile press. Then we'll hear from Peter Phillips, the director of Project Censored about how the press is complicit in keeping the workings of the Establishment hidden from view, and he will touch on the assault mounted against some of the reporters who actually tried to bring these dirty secrets to light.
The drive to war, the attack on civil liberties in the name of security, the banality and disinformation and commercialism of the corporate controlled media - all are part of a system that social dissenters in the 1960's termed The Establishment. Comprising this Establishment are the conjoined economic and political institutions that serve to maintain control of most of the people, both in the nation and abroad, for the benefit of those in power. Though this present administration is the most obviously fascist we have seen, and I don't use the word casually or with hyperbole, it is only an egregious example of what has been business as usual. This may be hard to hear for those of us who wish to believe the best about our country. Or it may pass without comment, such as the recent security council bugging operation by the government, to those who consider themselves sophisticated and maintain a cynical and world-weary posture. But the fact is that every aspect of human society is the result of human choices, and we can choose something different, and attain it if we are determined to end compliance with the way things are, and insist that things become as we dream and desire that they ought to be. Truth is our weapon.
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