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#104#105#106#107 Episode #108 - From the Pinkertons to the Patriot Act
(Law and Repression in the US)



Sat 30 March 2002  Ward Churchill, Natsu Saito, Angela Davis, Diane Clemmens, Jennifer Terry
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Download Hour1 Download Hour2This week we hear the first of a three part series on the context of the so-called USA Patriot Act.
News reports and even official statements of high ranking officials in several countries have confirmed that warnings of the 9-11 attack were given to the US government by several intelligence agencies including those of Russia, Israel, Egypt and Peru. The Israeli Prime Minister and the Russian president have gone on record about directing that warnings be delivered. FBI agents have also gone on record as receiving these warnings and attempting to pass them on to disinterested superiors. In spite of this relatively large body of people who were aware that an attack involving the hijacking of aircraft was planned, less than two dozen men were able to hijack four airliners armed only with razor knives. Not even the most minimal directive to increase airport security measures was issued. But after the horse was out of the barn, a flurry of actively activity erupted in short order. While that activity, war abroad and increase of government and police powers at home, is purportedly in response to the attacks the current facts as well as historical precedent shows that the particular nature of the responses are ones that further an ongoing agenda of social control that maintains and increases the wealth and power of those who already possess it. Our next three programs will look at the so-called USA Patriot Act, both in terms of its features and implications for Americans insisting on democracy and resisting capitalism, as well as people around the globe desiring to control their own destinies.
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