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#23#24#25#26 Episode #27 - The National Security State: A Legacy of Repression
(Repression of Labor from US to Colombia)


Police collected the remains of mass graves of tens of peasants killed by far right paramilitary groups in Colombia.

Sat 9 September 2000  Michael Parenti, Daniel Fosfeld (reading)
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Download Hour1 Download Hour2This week we hear a Michael Parenti presentation, then conclude our series of readings in the history of the repression of the radical labor movement in America, whose goal was to end the empire of greed.
What do radical labor unionists at the previous turn of the century have to do with Colombian agricultural workers at the turn of the milennium? The repression of the former by US State power has enabled the expansion of a global empire, that has impoverished billions in the name of profits for a few, and turned paradises into toxic wastelands in the quest for a quick buck. We read chapter 4 of The Rise and Repression of Radical Labor about how the US labor movement was crushed before 1918 by consolidation of opposition with the help from the US state. We conclude with an interview with a Colombian human rights worker on how this same globalized empire has reduced workers to poverty and poisoned the nation's best farmland to grow flowers for export.
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