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#19#20#21#22 Episode #23 - Double Dipping into Misery
(Crack, the CIA and the Prison Industrial Complex)



Sat 12 August 2000  Deedon?, Amate?, Michael Ruppert, Bill Sippage, Selly (Catisello??), Donna Warren, Joey Johnson
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Download Hour1 Download Hour2This week we hear two panel discussions from the People's Convention in Los Angeles. The first is on Crack and the CIA, and deals with drug trafficking by the CIA, and its connection to Wall Street and corporate finance. Then, fitting in the other piece of the puzzle, about the prison industrial complex.
In our first hour, Mike Ruppert goes over some of the extensive evidence he has uncovered of CIA cocaine smuggling, noting that the vast majority of illegal drugs are imported into USA through just 4 states (Florida, Texas, California, & New York). The vast majority of drug money is laundered in these same 4 states, he says, and these 4 states account for a similar proportion of campaign contributions to US politicians. Unless you are playing with drug money, he says, you can't win the US political race.

Next we hear from Bill Sippage, who highlights the fact that there is a mound of evidence, so action rather than investigation is what is needed. He is bringing a class action lawsuit against the CIA for their smuggling.

In our second hour, Selly, a former DEA agent tells when he met George Bush senior, and learnt that Bush was aware of CIA drug smuggling. We then follow the logic of the War On Drugs to look at cheap labour and economic aspects of the prison industrial complex, with Mike Ruppert. We conclude with Joey Johnson reporting his efforts to organise nationwide resistance to stop police brutality.
Some of this episode's content is repeated in episode 659.
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