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Am I A Psychopath? -- Drake411 09:52, 24 May 2012 (PDT)

This was another great episode of Unwelcome Guests. I learned that it is the lack of empathy for others that is a deciding characteristic of insanity. The evidence of this separation is lies. When one cannot be honest with another person it voices this disease. Nick couldn't even be honest with his wife. I strive to be honest and view the inability to do it as cowardice and admire those who tell the truth at times when I wouldn't have the heart. So after this episode I guess I will cherish my commitment to leveling with people and work harder in those situations where the truth is harder to tell because lives may depend on practicing the habit and the failure to do so may be insanity itself. I don't want to launch into a confessional on a list of personal failures because it seems too many people make entertainment out of criticizing others without any self examination. So my withholding the whole truth to you is about my fear of rejection. That's not so crazy is it?

Re: Am I A Psychopath? -- Robin 05:55, 25 May 2012 (PDT)

I don't see psychopathy as insanity, BTW - as an innate mental disability, its comparable with, say, autism. What is in striking contrast with autism is that while autistics are shuffled out of mainstream society, psychopaths dominate its hierarchical institutions. As for fear of rejection, that links directly to episode #602; if we're playing the game of "Who's right?" then you deserve to be punished for failing, if we're playing "Making life wonderful" then failure isn't associated with punishment, so it can be admitted without fear of consequences. I'd like to see this dichotomy brought more into the public eye, since fear of admitting failure is a big factor in preventing those at the top of society's institutions from embarking upon needed change.