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#246#247#248#249 Episode #250 - Why Everything Looks the Same
(Wealth, Poverty and Global Capitalism)



Sun 17 April 2005  Michael Parenti, Palagummi Sainath
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Download Hour1 Download Hour2This week on the program, the symbiotic relationship between wealth and poverty, and the globalization of inequality - we begin with Michael Parenti speaking on April 8 at Hampshire College. Parenti has written more than a dozen books on the relationship between commerce and militarism, the role of the news and entertainment media in propagandizing certain ideologies, the workings of empires, ancient and modern, the role of history in obscuring or laying bare certain basic truths about the social system, and so on. India has experienced what is called "economic growth" as a result of neoliberal policies. Our next speaker, noted in Indian jounalist Palagummi Sainath will take an in depth look at India's new "prosperity" - the widening disparity between rich and poor that we are also seeing in the US. Sainath is the author of Everybody Loves A Good Drought as well as numerous articles on globalization and its effects. He spoke at the University of Houston on Feb 18, 2005.

Music: David Rovics
Thanks to Ed Russell and Wally James for their recordings
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